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My name is Dr. Edward R. Johnson and I am a Child Psychologist working in Denver, Colorado. Please allow me this opportunity to introduce myself and describe my practice in some detail.

My Practice, Child Psychological Services, is located at Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. I offer psychological services to children, adolescents, and young adults. Furthermore, I work with children in Jefferson County Public Schools in Lakewood, Colorado, and I donate volunteer services to children and adults through the Mental Health Association of Denver. For approximately twenty years, I have successfully provided psychological services in clinical and educational settings.

As a Professional Psychologist, I perform a variety of psychological services, including diagnostic evaluations, psychotherapy, clinical supervision, consultation with parents and other professionals, and public speaking to large and small groups alike.

  • My diagnostic evaluations are systematic and thorough. I employ multiple data sources and provide useful recommendations.

  • My therapeutic orientation is multidimensional, brief, and solution-focused. I successfully employ a variety of behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and humanistic interventions.

  • My case-based consultations are multidimensional, thorough, and solution-focused. Recommendations often include humanistic, behavioral, and/or systems (family) strategies.

  • My presentations and workshops are informative and helpful.

My Credentials are as follows:

  • Recognized (Registrant #50128) by the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, 2001.

  • Licensed Psychologist (#1678) by the Colorado State Board of Psychologist Examiners, 1993.

  • Licensed School Psychologist (#0027888) by the Colorado Department of Education, 1991.

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Child Psychology at the John F. Kennedy Center for Developmental Disabilities at University Hospitals in Denver, Colorado, 1991.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational (School) Psychology, Arizona State University, 1990

  • Educational Specialist (School Psychology), Idaho State University, 1981

  • Master of Education, University of Kansas, 1978

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Minnesota, 1974

  • Long-standing member of the following associations:

    o American Psychological Association
    o National Association of School Psychologists
    o Phi Delta Kappa Professional Education Fraternity

For those of you with questions, comments, or interests in securing services, please contact me at the address below. I always welcome E-mail correspondences from interested parents or children. Remember, Child Psychological Services is a place "Where Children Come First."

Edward R. Johnson, Ph. D.
Rose Medical Center
4500 E. Ninth Ave., Suite 660
Denver, CO 80220
Phone: 303-514-5455
Fax: 303-831-8408


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